Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Makeup Story Tag!!

Just a little makeup story for you to see why i love makeup

In this video i talk about the following product's
- Maybeline Dream Mousse Foundation (I use natural beige)
- Maybeline Falsie's Mascara
- Too Faced Palette

My Good Friend Lisa's Channel she tagged me ...So here's her link to subscribe to her  <3





Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Review for Maybeline Eyeliner

I went to Walmart and in a pinch decided to buy some eyeliner and i love maybeline product's most of them i don't usually have bad complaint's about but this eyeliner is terrible honestly i put it on and i looked like a raccoon in not even a hr. what kind of crap is that ..i mean yes it's a drugstore brand and cheap i needed some in a pinch but thats crazy to not even hold out for a while. I rate this maybe a 3 ..Do NOT buy this and waste your time.

Review for Revlon Color (Sandstorm)

So i received this 4 quad eyeshadow in color (Sandstorm) in one of my Christmas present's from my best friend and i love it the color's are soft and pretty, stayed on all day with my eyeshadow primer from ELF and gave a nice sparkle when i took picture's of the color's and give's off a little shimmer ..i recommend buying it if you like soft light tan's an brown's esp. if your just looking to go grocery shopping or out for the day to run errand's. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

1.3.11 Start's a Beautiful Glamour's new start to my life

 Monday Start's School !!!!!!!!! 

I'm overly stoked about it and i canno't wait to begin, and film video's on turtorial's and everything fashion and beauty.. I'm gonna work my butt off and be the best MUA yet!! ....WISH ME LUCK! :D