Monday, June 20, 2011

♥ For my love of Capturing all Photography, ♥

Annabelle. Photography

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♥ For my love of Capturing all Photography, Contact me to make an appt. or for any question's ♥

I've decided to continue to add photography to my business of being a Freelance Makeup Artist , I'm still learning but i have learned a lot and ill keep continuing that everyday.

I'm here for a decent low price to Capture any special event for you, just contact me for price's !!

- Modeling
- Wedding's
- Prom's
- Sport's
- Family Portraits
- School Event's
- Animal's
- Anniversary's
- Engagement's
- Maternity / Children

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Birthday Haul !!

     Hey Luv's!

            So for my birthday i got a few thing's and thaught id share with you all ..check out my video on youtube of this birthday haul ..i really had a good birthday hubby definitely spoiled me but i love every bit of it, haha ..anyway's first an foremost i got my  Urban Decay Naked pallet and it's awesome i love it had sephora email me when there was some available an hubby surprised me when i had mentioned it to him! deffinitely loveing that!!

I also recieved my Birchbox from for the month recieved Cargo lash activator Mascara, Plump lip balm & Crystal bath salt's ..also went to get my hair trimmed an my beautician i truely like trimmed up my hair some and recommend Bed Head (Hard Head) Hairspray which im really liking so far! ...Baught some Areopostale Perfume for something alittle different other than Viva La Juicy im addicted to, lol, And if you didnt realize or know i been tanning and so far so great with my color looking really nice an golden tanish, the owner of the Tantalizing place i go to recommended a tanning lotion called Masqureade which smell's wonderful it 's  not real oily or sticky like an goes on smoothe.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring Fling!

I've decided to blog about having a bad Spring fling fever that i now have!

I've been getting a early start on tanning which im happy about an it's probably a good idea, the weather's getting nicer and here in Pa there's no longer no snow on the ground which i think tend's to make my spring fever even worse lol ...*Key tip - Don't forget ladie's right after tanning it's best to use Cocoa Butter to help keep and lock in the moisture in your skin, an help keep your color an tan.* 

I deff can say i already busted out the cute capri's and flip flop's from aero :) Also went out and got a pedicure with pretty bright pink nail polish, and french manicure finger nail's ...every chance it's sunny out i tend to wear them cold feet or not, I also already baught 2 new pair's of shade's for the sunny day's! 

So really the only thing i can think of that id love to purchase right now or plan to is katy perry's OPI collection in nail polish's and also the Urban Decay Naked Pallet which is hard to get a hold of ...but for spring i'm a sucker for bright pretty color's on toe's and that so i do plan to go buy some toe ring's asap :)


Febuary Favorite's & Haul !!

I made a video for all my febuary favorite's and of course the makeup i've baught thru the month and some hair supply stuff also so to get started i mentioned all these product's in my video also

1. Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Root plump Mousse 
work's great if your looking for more volume in your hair and wanna tease it for that style, i however have short bob like cut hairstyle and i love it apply it to damp wet hair and then scrunch it like with your finger's and of course blow dry and style.

2. Elf Eyeshadow Brush
I deffenitly found  this brush work's best atleast to me when applying eyeshadow's maybe because of the way it's made im guessing but i deff like it alot better than my other eyeshadow brush which of course i know there's alot of different one's available but so far i decided to buy the elf one and really like it!

3. Simple Pleasure's Lip glosses
So i went into Ross's and they always have discount makeup and nail polish's and different thing's so i always happen to look over what they have and alot of it is pretty good name brand thing's ..Elf, Simple pleasure's lip gloss's, Lotion's, Hair supply stuff, Nail polish's ect .. so i happen to run into these zebra print lip gloss's and of course im a sucker for eyeshadow's and lip gloss's so i decided what's it gonna hurt to try them out, so i baught this package and there actually pretty and well worth the 3$ i spent on them they have slight color to them but the color doesn't show up when applied just alot of shimmer.


4. Color Club Nail polish's
I also came across these at Ross's in the adventure and they came in a pack and so i love nail polish's and wanted too add more to my collection, i however have not tried them yet but i'll deff blog as soon as i do.

4. Elf Blush's & Lipgloss's
I decided to make a order on and buy some more stuff and got these blush's & Lipgloss's i like the color's of em but once again i haven't had the chance to try out the blush's but i deff love the lipgloss's with different style's i know it's probably gonna be good i so far have yet to have a problem with anything from there cheap, afforable, an you get your order pretty quick it's worth it!

5. Maybeline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation
I love this stuff, a good friend of mine when introducing me into all the good and different makeup's and higher end stuff and good drugstore brand's she told me about this foundation and id recommend it if anyone is looking for something pretty cheap its about 8$ at Walmart and worth it, i can't barely feel the airbrush foundation on my face while wearing it all day an it's not oily, only need a small amount and it goes far.

6. Maybeline Style Smoke Lavender Eyeshadow's 
It's Long lasting and well worth the couple dollar's it make's very pretty lavender purple smokey eye's. I've been able to wear this a couple time's, it's pretty and i'm glad i baught it.

7. Vaseline Cocoa Butter Deep conditioning Lotion
 I started tanning lately to get a earlier start to look nice for summer this year. and the lady at the tanning salon was telling me about this lotion and i also did some research about it, after tanning it really help's keep the moisture in your skin and help's the tan to stay and keep the color ...also has a Great Smell, fairly cheap about 6$ at drugstore's and work's good!

Sassy & Elegance

Innocent, Wild & Confident

8. Elf Mineral Eyeshadow's
There definitely very pigmented and at a reasonable cost there pretty worth it ...certain color's are shimmery, and innocent is one of there matte color's it work's very nice for highlight color. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

UPDATE 2.27.11

I'm really sorry ladies and everyone i haven't updated lately's been so hectic lately and i'm planning on going out tomorrow to shop for a new camcorder it's getting rough and isn't working as well as i had thought for my cellphone and webcam to upload video's plus i don't get enough time or chance to go over everything i'd would like to say, so i deff. promise everyone u all will soon see tutorial's, update's and all very soon!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Makeup Story Tag!!

Just a little makeup story for you to see why i love makeup

In this video i talk about the following product's
- Maybeline Dream Mousse Foundation (I use natural beige)
- Maybeline Falsie's Mascara
- Too Faced Palette

My Good Friend Lisa's Channel she tagged me ...So here's her link to subscribe to her  <3