Saturday, March 19, 2011

Birthday Haul !!

     Hey Luv's!

            So for my birthday i got a few thing's and thaught id share with you all ..check out my video on youtube of this birthday haul ..i really had a good birthday hubby definitely spoiled me but i love every bit of it, haha ..anyway's first an foremost i got my  Urban Decay Naked pallet and it's awesome i love it had sephora email me when there was some available an hubby surprised me when i had mentioned it to him! deffinitely loveing that!!

I also recieved my Birchbox from for the month recieved Cargo lash activator Mascara, Plump lip balm & Crystal bath salt's ..also went to get my hair trimmed an my beautician i truely like trimmed up my hair some and recommend Bed Head (Hard Head) Hairspray which im really liking so far! ...Baught some Areopostale Perfume for something alittle different other than Viva La Juicy im addicted to, lol, And if you didnt realize or know i been tanning and so far so great with my color looking really nice an golden tanish, the owner of the Tantalizing place i go to recommended a tanning lotion called Masqureade which smell's wonderful it 's  not real oily or sticky like an goes on smoothe.



  1. i love urban decay naked palettes !! How are you finding it ? Im a new follower which is fun for me.. check out my blog if you have a chance and please follow if you like it cause i have a giveaway happening soon xxx xxxx

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