Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring Fling!

I've decided to blog about having a bad Spring fling fever that i now have!

I've been getting a early start on tanning which im happy about an it's probably a good idea, the weather's getting nicer and here in Pa there's no longer no snow on the ground which i think tend's to make my spring fever even worse lol ...*Key tip - Don't forget ladie's right after tanning it's best to use Cocoa Butter to help keep and lock in the moisture in your skin, an help keep your color an tan.* 

I deff can say i already busted out the cute capri's and flip flop's from aero :) Also went out and got a pedicure with pretty bright pink nail polish, and french manicure finger nail's ...every chance it's sunny out i tend to wear them cold feet or not, I also already baught 2 new pair's of shade's for the sunny day's! 

So really the only thing i can think of that id love to purchase right now or plan to is katy perry's OPI collection in nail polish's and also the Urban Decay Naked Pallet which is hard to get a hold of ...but for spring i'm a sucker for bright pretty color's on toe's and that so i do plan to go buy some toe ring's asap :)



  1. awesome post doll. i have the katy perry collection and naked palette and they are all amazing!

  2. I heard China Glaze has the shatter collection which is suopposed to be similar to the Katy Perry OPI collection but I don't know because I haven"t got my hands on either of them> *sigh* Love the blog!